All My Friends Are SuperHeroes

All My Friends Are SuperHeroes

All My Friends Are SuperHeroes

by Andrew Kaufman

This is probably the last book that I imagined would be the first book I posted on the site (or even that I would read)!  I found this book in the laundry room ‘library’ in my apartment and picked it up to read while waiting for some clothes to dry.

All My Friends are Super Heroes is a witty, easy read that holds so much more meaning than what appears at first glance.  Tom is a normal guy, surrounded by his friends that are all superheros.  These superheroes, however, are what you would imagine as superheros, like those in Marvel.  These superheroes have magnified everyday powers (or perhaps rather than powers, characteristics) that may actually be those little characteristics that drive you crazy about other people.


Tom’s newly-wed wife, The Perfectionist was hypnotized (by the Hypnotist of course) to believe that Tom is invisible.  In an attempt to escape the heartbreak resulting from Tom’s apparent disappearance, she has decided to leave the memory of Tom in Toronto for a better, perfect life in Vancouver.  The story is about Tom’s struggle to get him to see her before she touches down in Vancouver.

A few of my favourites Super Heroes from the book …

The WorkHorse - the first to arrive and the last to leave, but yet he is always passed over for promotion and company raises

The Phony - uses the phone as his weapon to continuously make plans that he has no intentions of keeping

NeverWrong - a man with the ability to change the world in order to win an argument

The Jumper - has the ability to jump into or out or anything, the strength of which is only matched by his failure to stick around long enough to accomplish anything

I strongly recommend this book for an easy read and if you want some deeper thoughts!

Enjoy and let me know what you think if you have read the book as well!

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