About Us

Inspired Learning Network is the education branch of Incepto Potenti Inc, a youth and athletic development company based out of Toronto, Ontario.  Inspired Learning Network focuses on providing meaningful learning opportunities to students of all ages through learning programs, online resources and weekly blog posts.

Our programs focus on making learning relevant.  We believe in incorporating movement and physical activity into our learning sessions to promote improved cognition and overall student enjoyment.  As described by author, Eric Jenson in his book, Teaching with the Brain in Mind, we believe in the power of the mind-body connection, which as Jenson describes, is supported by a ton of research in teaching and learning.

Inspired Learning Network strives to be an online resource for students, parents, and parents.  We will be posting a number of resources related to techniques for school success, life skill development, and different teaching strategies.

Each week, a new blog will be posted that provides information about a topic related to one of our programs, any new and exciting topic in learning, comments on something in the media or news, or anything else that viewers are interested in learning about.  The purpose of the blog is to provide a medium that connects the academic “research” world with the real-world.  There is a lot go great research currently being conducted, which sometimes gets lost in academic journals or dissertations that few people have access to.  Our blogs will help to share some of this new knowledge or to summarize recent research projects.

We look forward to hearing your comments and creating an online learning community!